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All kids need a (Great)Grandmother!

Happy Halloween!  Ian has had a busy week and has a busy night planned for Halloween. Earlier this week he spent the day with his Great-Grandmother.  While Brinn and Preston had to run some errands in Knoxville, they left Ian … Continue reading

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Check out his chompers!

Ian now has two teeth!  Since the second one has come in, his appetite has been voracious.  He woke up to eat four times between 2 am and 7 am!  Then, at 7:30 he sucked down another bottle.  At 8 … Continue reading

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Why I choose to break the rules on raising a baby…

I didn’t do a ton of reading before Ian was born.  All who know me would find this shocking, as I normally research the heck out of anything I do.  I read a select few books (mainly those recommended by … Continue reading

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I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

It was a weekend of goodbyes and hellos.  My mom is getting ready to set sail for her winter adventure, so we had to say goodbye.  I don’t she’s as concerned with saying goodbye to us as she is with … Continue reading

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Rocket Power

My summer breaks during high school consisted of getting up early to ride before the heat, spending a few hours in the pool, then watching Rocket Power on Nickelodeon until it was cool enough to ride again.  Poor Stormy and Ghosty.  … Continue reading

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My little chow hound!

Ian has reached a funny phase where he won’t let me feed him.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to eat; he just doesn’t want to let me be in charge any longer.  We started “solids” (I use that term … Continue reading

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“The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.” ~ Lane Olinghouse

Holy moly Ian is 5 months old now!  Where has the time gone?  I can’t believe my sweet cuddly newborn is now a giggly wiggly mess.  That giggly wiggly mess still has the same happy nature of my sweet newborn, … Continue reading

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“I don’t know why they say “you have a baby.” The baby has you.”

As part of a baby shower gift, Aunt Connie put together a beautiful card full of funny sayings about children.  Some of them were funny at the time, but now I realize that I truly didn’t understand half of those … Continue reading

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Mustard Seed Ranch

Brinn and I have been volunteers at the Mustard Seed Ranch for about a year and half now, and have loved every minute of it.              Mustard Seed is a non-denominational privately ran home for children.  It accepts absolutely … Continue reading

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Happy Appies and Blue Ribbon Days

Rescuing horses is part of my genetic make-up.  Some personal attributes are learned behaviors (nurture), some are in your blood (nature).  I’m a strong believer that both shape who each person will become.  I’m also a strong believer that my … Continue reading

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