“I don’t know why they say “you have a baby.” The baby has you.”

As part of a baby shower gift, Aunt Connie put together a beautiful card full of funny sayings about children.  Some of them were funny at the time, but now I realize that I truly didn’t understand half of those sayings before Ian came along. Ian’s working hard to help me understand them now.  One characteristic about this little boy is that he always wants to be on the go.  Now that fall temperatures are starting to drop, he’s even happier to be outside.  I wonder if he’s going to be like Brinn and live for cold, snowy mountains.

Since Ian wants to be on the go so much, we spend a lot of our evenings going for walks outside until it gets too chilly.  Ian’s not crazy about all the layers I force on him, but it’s the only way he can stay outside, so he’s learned to deal with having to wear a jacket, hat, socks, long pants, and stay wrapped in a flee blanket.

Ian’s already a pretty high impact little boy.  When he goes for stroller rides, he like the ride to be as bumpy and rough as possible!  Unfortunately, this is pretty hard on strollers.  After too many hikes through the neighbors pasture (the same place I take Bear and Reggie to gallop up hills), Ian’s left stroller wheel became worse for the wear.  Before throwing in the towel and ordering a new wheel, Brinn decided to see if he couldn’t get it to hold together.  Voila!  a few screws and a piece of plywood later, and Ian’s wheel is holding together and ready for more rough bumps and bouncing!

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“For in Calormen, story-telling (whether the stories are true or made up) is a thing you're taught, just as English boys and girls are taught essay-writing. The difference is that people want to hear the stories, whereas I never heard of anyone who wanted to read the essays.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy Join us on our family adventures as I try to tell our stories rather than bore you with more online essays.
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