The Kiser Family

This blog began as an opportunity to share little glimpses of our wanderings and adventures with friends and family.  As Ian has grown, so has the scope of topics for discussion! While horses, hiking, and whitewater sports are still parts of our family culture, our focus these days has largely shifted to Ian’s dogs and his endeavor to become a musher.

Brinn, husband, works from home as a taxidermist and takes care of our menagerie of critters in addition to managing his vegetable garden. Brinn is a former Ocoee River raft guide turned private boater. While he loves rafting and kayaking, fresh powder skiing will always remain his true love.

Ian, son, attends third grade while trying to manage his growing team of dogs. He enjoys kayaking and playing violin, but his overwhelming passion is to become a dogsled racer. He has two Siberian huskies and two Alaskan huskies, and is looking forward to starting training with all of them this fall.

Ashlee, me, works as a college advisor by day, and tries to keep up with the boys at home. I used to do cool things, like take horses over scary jumps and cook big meals after rafting down class IV rivers. Now I get to learn how to be a handler for sled dogs.

ILK’s Tulok Balto, husky #1, moved in with out family on Easter day, 2019. Balto, born March 19, 2019, satisfied Ian’s conviction that life is not worth living without a husky. Since joining our family, Balto has become Ian’s ride or die partner, and has claimed permanent “shotgun” status as the co-passenger of Ian’s go-kart. So far Balto enjoys running in harness, but has no interest in being a leader.

ILK’s Yura Jenna, husky #2, is half sister to Balto and was born May 11, 2021. She and Ian almost share a birthday! She is the cuddliest little girl, and needs her belly rubbed constantly. She loves to receive and give kisses, but her long aardvark tongue can be quite off putting. Ian hopes that she will be enthusiastic about running in harness.

RIP to Ian’s beloved mare Promise.

Alotta Good Promises, was an AQHA mare on loan from a dear friend who leased Promise to Ian so he could learn all about riding. She was the kindest little mare with a heart of gold. Ian was a fortunate kid to have such a steady gal to teach him the ropes. As C.S. Lewis stated, “No one can teach riding so well as a horse.”

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  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Lovely blog and family! 🙂

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