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The Incredible, Edible, Tennis Ball?

While trying to wrap up my workday yesterday, Brinn called and frantically recounted a horrifying experience.  Ian was choking on a piece of tennis ball!  After my initial freak out, I realized that I heard a very healthy set of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Little Ian had a farm, e..i..e..i..o..

Ian loves when we sing to him, but I’ve had to change the lyrics a bit.  As with my animals, I want my child to learn that his name is who he is, so I like to personalize his music … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday…

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Oh my.  Ian is up and about and into everything now.  His newest obsession has become the dogs’ water bucket.  We discontinued using a dish to water the dogs and instead brought inside one of the horses’ feed buckets because it … Continue reading

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Welcome to today’s SAA meeting…

I am Mogwai, and I am a sweater addict. I would like to welcome you to the Monday morning Sweater Addicts Annonymous meeting.  It’s been two weeks, four days, and twelve hours since my last fashion faux pas. I think … Continue reading

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Rain Hitting a Tin Roof

5:30 am this morning found Ian wide awake and ready to play.  His cheery mood and steady stream of chatter pulled me out of bed much earlier than I’d intended.  So by 6:00 am I hunkered down in the living … Continue reading

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Mommy’s Little Helper

On top of Ian’s newfound mobility, he has taken an interest in helping Brinn and I complete all of our chores.  We’ve found that it’s impossible to convince Ian to eat if one of us is vacuuming.  The distraction of … Continue reading

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Crawling Through January

Is he not the cutest little boy you’ve ever seen?  We’re still waiting to get back all of his Christmas pictures (especially the ones with Santa), but I love his expression in this one as he thinks that he finally … Continue reading

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Educating Everyone Takes Everyone…

My dad spent his Christmas break organizing his house (a long overdue project), and uncovered this artistic gem while going through some old papers: I designed this in first grade.  Even back then I recognized the importance of all the … Continue reading

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