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Last Wordless Wednesday for February

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Spring has almost sprung

Just an hour ago I looked out the kitchen window to see the beautiful event to ever occur on my property.  Brinn sat in the grass around the edge of the garden with Ian jumping and giggling in his arms … Continue reading

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Growing up wears a boy out

Despite the upset surrounding the loss of Star, Ian has been resting well this week.  Perhaps a little too well.  He’s been so tired that he’s conking out in oddest of places.  While playing in his bouncer Sunday morning, he … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday, the third installment

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Miss Majestic Star

We lost Star today.  The most intelligent, aggravating, bossy, hateful, particular, sweet, cunning, witchy, stealthy, precise, destructive, club footed horse to walk the planet.  It took Star and I 25 years to finally learn to get along.  She demanded subtlety, … Continue reading

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Down Home on the Farm

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of most nurseries.  I just feel like they’re, well, too babyish.  For months friends kept asking, “what theme are you using in the baby’s room?”  Um…?  I couldn’t think of any … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

Do you know how horses stay warm?  They shiver.  Shivering burns calories.  Calories come from food, particularly hay.  This is why horses are called “hay burners,” making horses very energy inefficient.  The colder is gets, the more the horse has … Continue reading

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