Yarn over and draw through

I FINALLY finished a crochet project I started last year.  Before we knew Ian was going to be a boy, I wanted to go ahead and get a head start on crocheting an afghan for him.  My mom made Preston and I each one before we were born, and I still have mine.  I loaded up on green baby yarn and got started… and almost as quickly I lost my enthusiasm.  I was so tired!  All…the…time…  When I wasn’t teaching or grading papers, I didn’t feel like doing much else, so Ian’s afghan went unfinished.  Then after he was born, it was just too hot to drape a heavy blanket across my lap in order to finish.  So I just picked it back up again a few weeks ago and now it’s finally complete!

Now that Ian’s blanket is complete, I’m trying to finish up a few small projects before Christmas.  Last year I made the boys some hats with camo colored yarn, and this year they requested new ones.  This year I thought I’d make their hats a little more unique, and I decided to incorporate orange yarn, to make hats that they could wear while out deer hunting.  I thought I’d practice first with Ian, since I could knock out a hat fairly quickly for his little noggin.  I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the result, but of course Ian can make anything look good 😉  He is the cutest baby ever, after all.

I wish I were better at crocheting, but unfortunately it’s just not a hobby that I can devote too much time towards.  And I also struggle with paying attention closely enough to learn more intricate and involved patterns.  Momma made the really cool wave pattern in my baby blanket.  Ian’s is just straight rows of single crochet.  My inattentiveness to counting hinders my ability to do much else than straight rows with the occasional slip stitch to form a round row for a hat.  Maybe now that I spend more time in the house watching Ian I’ll finally develop the self-discipline to COUNT my stitches and create some more unique designs.

My friend Holly is incredible with yarn. http://thedorothychronicles.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/whew/ She knits as well as crochets, and absolutely puts me to shame.  She can even make clothing, something I never even have hopes to aspire to.

I have several talented family members who can do some amazing things with a crochet hook.  Grandma’s sister Joyce used to crochet lace Christmas ornaments from white thread, and then starch them to get them stiff.  I plan on raiding my mom’s box of old Christmas decorations this weekend to locate those ornaments.  My mom’s cousins, Theresa and Lisa, made Ian some gorgeous afghan, and Lisa additionally made him a jacket with matching booties.  I’ve been using the afghan Theresa made as a lap blanket at work lately.

Hopefully here soon I’ll be able to create some new projects!

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2 Responses to Yarn over and draw through

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Lovely :)! I am still working on a bunny toy for my little one that I started when pregnant in 2010! I had carpal tunnel syndrome at the end of the pregnancy, so couldn’t continue. And now I am pregnant again and in nesting overdrive… must crochet! 😉

  2. ashleekiser says:

    Thanks! And congratulations on your new pregnancy. Be sure to post pictures of the bunny when it’s completed 🙂

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