7 months!

IMG-20121130-00014Ian has reached 7 months old!  My baby is more than half of a year old.  He officially dropped the title of “newborn” some time ago, and while he’s still an infant, he’s rapidly moving toward being a toddler.  Where has the time gone?  While I do miss holding him on the porch swing while he would sleep, he’s so much fun to play with now.  He loves toys and animals, and interacts so much with us.  Brinn’s been working on high-five, which  Ian will do about 75% of the time. When he has an audience, Ian gets a bit preoccupied with watching them rather than high fiving.

1208112032_02While forward crawling is still not on Ian’s resume, he’s definitely got backwards down solid.  I don’t think forward is far in Ian’s future, though.  He’s all about doing push-ups lately, and reaches all the way up on the tips of his toes, then he’ll hold the pose and rock back and forth.  Mogwai’s going to be on the run before long, as Ian will be able to keep up here soon.

Ian still persists in holding his own bottle, of course, but also prefers more and more real food these days.  The doctor’s given us the all 1212085953_03clear to start him on meat, so we may look into that here soon.  I haven’t been in a huge hurry to start that food group, but I do recognize the value in lean proteins and high iron.  We’ll get there soon!  In the meantime, he’s still happy to chow down on his butternut squash and peas.  I might try to fit something new in his diet this weekend.  Several people warned me to avoid fruits, as he’ll prefer those to veggies and it will be harder to get him to eat veggies, but so far Ian’s pretty happy to eat whatever you hand him…that’s about his only condition: he feed it to himself.  If he’s in control he’s just as  happy with peas as he is with apples or pears.

1212095037_05While Ian hates keeping his socks on, I’m delighted that he enjoys wearing a hat and jacket as much as I do.  He’ll yank his socks off wherever he’s at, but he never messes with his hat.  And check out those blue eyes!  This little boy is going to melt some hearts when he gets older!

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