Rub a dub dub

Ian graduated from his baby bath tub to the big people bath tub last night.  Ian loves taking a bath every night, but since he’s grown so much in the last few weeks, he’s made bath time…interesting, to say the least.  Ian’s arms have grown long enough to reach everything around the sink: soap bottles, the dish drainer, nearby dishes, window blinds…  The most interesting object he focuses on of late is the hand sprayer.  I don’t think he’s made the connection that pushing the button results in a spray of water, but he sure doesn’t mind when he happens to mash the button and sprays the adult giving him a bath.  Sometimes when Brinn or I try to lift him out of his tub, he grabs the tub itself and refuses to break his strong little grip, taking the tub with him and splashing water all over the kitchen.

1217182910Since I was on my own last night for bathtime, I decided that it’s time to see how Ian fares in our tub.  Ian had a fantastic experience.  Bigger bath tub=room for more bath toys.  I finally had a reason to break out all the bath toys we received as shower gifts back in March.  Ian’s a huge fan of the rubber blocks, but he’s pretty happy with the ducks as well.


Letting Ian play on his tummy stresses me a little bit, but it made him such a happy baby.  IMG-20121217-00153The nurses from the hospital worked hard to instill such a strong sense of fear of infants drowning in bathtubs, that I’m afraid to even take my hands off of Ian while he’s in the tub.  I had to sit right beside the tub ready to spring into action if he put his head down in the water.  It turns out that Ian really didn’t need me holding him up too much as he kept his head up the whole time so that he could meet my gaze and grin big.  Not only is he a happy baby, but he also enjoys showing off.

IMG-20121217-00155I think for Christmas I’m going to have to get Ian a new bathrobe.  His white one barely clears his waist, and he outgrew his blue one from Aunt Joy weeks ago.  I love love love his hooded towels, but I like being able to put Ian’s arms through the sleeves of a robe.  It keeps him a bit warmer as we move from the tub to his room to get dressed in fleece footie pajamas, which concludes our bathtime ritual.

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