Infected Ear

Sliding at the doctorsIan has developed his first ear infection, but he’s such a brave little guy that he’s trying to power through it.  His pediatrician’s office has an indoor jungle gym, and Ian’s making the most of his time spent in the waiting room.

Brinn and I both suffered frequent ear infections as kids, and he even had to have tubes in his ears for it.  Fortunately, the doctor never felt the need to place tubes in my ears, but I do still get earaches easily even now as an adult, making me a huge advocate of wearing hats in even the slightest breeze.

Since Ian’s been down with achy ears, we’ve been trying to keep him inside and out of theThrow down in the Kitchen wind for the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t always go too well.  Brinn and I argue almost daily about cabinet locks.  He’s in favor of keeping them locked 24/7 to keep Ian out.  I argue that if there’s nothing in the cabinet to hurt Ian, then let him dig through to amuse himself (and distract him from the oven while I’m cooking).  If you can hear canned goods clunking along the floor, you know exactly where Ian is and what he’s doing.  But then Ian found the plastic cutlery and I lost any credibility I had in this argument.  All the cabinets are locked now.

Afternoon snoozeFighting off an infection does take its toll on little boys, and wears them down a bit more quickly than average play will.  While I hate seeing Ian not feel his best, I love when he gets a bit more snuggly.  I’m not sure how well I like his daddy catching pictures of us unaware.

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