Almost Finished!

Our ever long kitchen program has almost come to an end.  It’s been a long process given that Brinn and I have both been working (him in the taxidermy shop and me at TTU) during the process. We have to coordinate certain parts of the job around Ian’s schedule in order to minimize his “help.” We’ve had to save up to complete some of the steps in this process, while other steps require week-long drying and curing periods, and we’re simply running out of energy!

To summarize briefly, here are the changes we’ve made to the kitchen:

  1. Rip up 2 layers of linoleum and particle board, and finish the original hardwood flooring.
  2. Remove wallpaper and repaint all walls in a different color.
  3. Repaint trim.
  4. Sand down and repaint all of the cabinets in a different color.
  5. Paint and seal all of the countertops in a different color.
  6. Replace the hardware on all of the cabinets.
  7. Paint and hang 4 shelves.
  8. Replace stove.
  9. Paint refrigerator.
  10. Replace faucet.

Whew, that seems like a lot of work and we’ve definitely learned a lot about diy’s, and where to find the best prices.  FYI, Amazon had better buys than eBay on Hardware.  Handles and knobs that would’ve been $4 a piece at Lowe’s were $0.99 on Amazon!  Painting the refrigerator was an interesting project inspired by Pinterest.  We’re in the process of upgrading the refrigerator, but in the meantime, a painted fridge blends in a little more than an older whitish/dirt colored refrigerator.

Aside from finding a good buy on a new fridge, we’re on the last step of the kitchen project: magnetic chalkboards.  Last night Brinn painted magnetic primer onto the ends of our counters and this weekend we’re going to paint over the primer with chalkboard paint.  The goal is for Ian to have a place at his height to play in clear sight while I’m busy cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.  With any luck we’ll finish the chalkpaint on Sunday and have all day Monday to kick back and chill for the holiday!  Perhaps at that point I can get some pictures of our completed kitchen makeover project.

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