Twas the busy day before Thanksgiving…

What an amazing holiday we Americans get to celebrate.  There are no presents, no egg hunts, no trick or treating; it’s a day to simply give thanks with our friends and family.  I have enjoyed everyone’s daily Facebook status of thanks this November, and participated myself.  Here’s my list:

Day 1: Today I am thankful for my family:  My little Ian and his wonderful daddy.

Day 2: Today I’m thankful for my Mommy.  She’s always provided me with a horse, education, and encouragement.  She pushed me through two degrees and held my horse at hundreds of horse shows.

Day 3: I’m thankful for my very unique father, especially for what an enthusiastic grandfather he is.  I’m also thanful for the example in sportsmanship he’s always provided to Preston and me, and hope that Ian will learn it as well.  No matter what the outcome of the game, he never bashes the Vols or their coaches. He’s a true fan.

Day four: I’m thankful for my magic bullet.  It has helped me prepare all of Ian’s baby food so that he is able to eat from the garden with us and has never consumed a single artificial preservative or salt.  To date he’s had carrots, sweet potatoes, potatos, apples, pears, and butternut squash.  Today we move on to blueberries.

Day 5: I am thankful for a great job and even better co-workers!

Day six: Today I’m thankful for horses.  Horses have taught self confidence and self worth to many young girls, while also helping them develop responsibility and compassion.  I love my ponies!

Day seven: Today I’m thankful for my puppies.  They don’t care who won the election last night, if marijuana is legalized, or if health care is socialized.  Their biggest concerns are back scratching, ball fetching, and chicken treats.   They are completely devoted to their humans, and give love without strings attatched.  I am so thankful for the enjoyment they’ve brought into my home for the last four years.

Day eight: I’m thankful for TTU. I moved to Tech 10 years ago as a freshman. Since then I’ve been fortunate in finding several close friends who I intend on staying in touch with forever, and I’ve even been able to get to know their families. I’ve received two degrees from this institution, developed some close friendships with faculty and staff members, and now have a fantastic job here.

Day 9: I am thankful for my problems. I will gladly take my first-world problems over any less privileged culture’s problems any day. At first this morning I thought to complain about Ian keeping me up through the night. My beautiful, healthy little boy who just wanted to play with his mommy who’s often away from home. I’m a little tired today, but that’s a problem I don’t mind having.

Day 10: I’m thankful for my grandmother.  I know several people who’ve lost all their grandparents, and I feel fortunate to still have Grandma.  She’s not the cookie baking, never see your faults kind of grandma, but she’s a great cheerleader and has always pushed me to do great things.  She’s Ian’s only great-grandparent, and I hope he gets to have as much fun at her house as I did as a kid.

Day 11: I’m thankful for Crackerbarrel. When Preston and I were little, Momma would take us to meet my dad halfway in Harriman at the CB so we could have dinner as a family. No matter where I am geographically or emotionally, sitting down at one of those tables in the evening with a fire and kerosene lamps always takes me back.

Day 12: I am thankful for mesh bags.  These wonderful, wonderful contraptions allow Ian to eat whenever he is hungry, even if my hands are full or if we are on the road.

Day 13: I am thankful for books!  Books can take you anywhere in the world.  I have had the opportunity to visit Narnia, Hogwarts, PanAm, Lyra’s Oxford, and so many other wonderful places.  Just this morning Ian I and ran and ran as fast as we could, yet we still couldn’t catch the gingerbread man.  How thankful I am that Ian too can now learn the fun and adventure accessible through books.

Day 14: Today I’m thankful for health.  Just a few years ago Brinn had terrible pain that no doctor could seem to diagnose, then they told us he had an incurable condition that would continue to worsen and he would be almost be guarenteed to pass this condition to any children.  Thank God for 3rd, 4th, and 5th and opinions.  Now Brinn is completely healthy, I’m completely healthy, and we have a perfect little boy with no issues or illnesses to date.

Day 15: Today I am thankful for friends who have stood the test of time.  I’ve been friends with Martha Anderson since elementary school, Joy Burgess since the beginning of highschool, and Kathryn Rice since the beginning of college. That’s 51 combined years of friendship I’ve been blessed with!

Day 16: Today I’m thankful for family traditions, especially the traditions that surround gardnening and preserving.  Our freezers and shelves stay stocked year round with garden goodies.  I think I’m feeling a blueberry cobbler this evening…

Day 17: I’m thankful for being raised to be a vol fan from birth. It helps on nights like this to remember Johnny Major’s losing streak. And that we did come back from it. All we need is for an Andy Kelly and Carl Pickens to emerge, and Cordarelle is doing his part to be a Carl Pickens.

Day 18: I’m thankful for being part of a close family. It makes for a crazy busy trip home to see everyone but I’m blessed to have so many homes that welcome Ian and I in for a visit.

Day 19: I’m thankful for my brother.  Preston, like Grandma, enjoys helping me stay grounded, and he’s also been a great help in the kitchen and with Ian here lately.  I am very thankful for the sense of peace and order he helps to bring to the house with his low-key personality.

Day 20: Today I am thankful for fall weather.  This has been the most amazing autumn in years, making my drive to and from work and evening walks with Ian so enjoyable.

Day 21: Today I am thankful for vaccines. There’s a huge debate on if they’re worth it, but bottom line is that those who choose to not vaccinate can only safely do so because so many do vaccinate, keeping disease at a minimum. I’m thankful that Ian will stay a healthy little boy and not suffer from horrible childhood illnesses like polio, measles, whooping cough, and others.

Looking back on my list, it’s evident how much I have to be thankful for.  I’m blessed beyond measure with both replaceable and non replaceable gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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