“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”


2014 has swept the rug of summer out from under my feet entirely too soon, but after a few extremely hot August weeks, I will admit that now I am more eagerly anticipating hot cocoa evenings around bonfires wearing hoodies.  To combat the rushing wave pulling us away from summer, we have lived up the last few weeks with as many summer activities as we could possibly cram in.

wpid-img_20140809_141802_861.jpgTwo weeks ago, Ian and I attended the Frozen Head Craft fair with Grandma.  I lived out a great deal of my childhood wading in the creek and riding bikes at Frozen Head State Park.  That’s a whole other story for another day though.  Two Saturday’s ago, they hosted the annual craft fair, where artists (both local and from afar) come in and display their arts and crafts.  Some artists are there to sell, while others, like my grandma, are just there to share their talents for others to enjoy.  The quilt show took place in the visitor’s center of frozen head, and probably 30% or more of the quilts were made by Grandma or her sister.  I may be a smidge partial, but I will staunchly defend my uneducated claims that Grandma and Aunt Wanda’s talent as quilters are unrivaled.  Let me share some of the quilts we saw at the quilt show:

wpid-img_20140809_140533_941.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141037_055.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141144_974.jpg wpid-img_20140809_140847_747.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141725_175.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141103_364.jpg wpid-img_20140809_140418_122.jpg wpid-img_20140809_140432_218.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141802_861.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141226_506.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141322_504.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141940_149.jpg wpid-img_20140809_141125_461.jpg wpid-img_20140809_140739_119.jpg wpid-img_20140809_140402_845.jpg wpid-img_20140809_140411_347.jpg














































Aunt Wanda’s purple iris and Grandma’s stars are some of my most favorite quilts on display.










Ian enjoyed spending the afternoon with his Great-Grandma, and had a great time running under and through the quilts.



In addition to a craft fair, we’ve also crammed in several trips to the creek, a rafting trip, a few more days at the splash pad here in Cookeville, and a quick run to Nashville Shores.  Then, to end summer with a big bang, we packed up and headed to Lake Winnipesaukee for Labor Day weekend.  To say that Ian had a good time would be an understatement:

Ian on Train Ian on Carousel Frog Hopper wpid-wp-1409772629814.jpeg wpid-wp-1409772625073.jpeg wpid-wp-1409772620171.jpeg wpid-wp-1409772615489.jpegwpid-wp-1409772604735.jpeg wpid-wp-1409772611399.jpegwpid-wp-1409772598668.jpeg





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