To the Corn Maze!


georgeWhile its popularity in our house is waning, Curious George was, at one time, Ian’s most favorite cartoon. Ian still enjoys reading the CG books, but Jake and the Neverland Pirates is beginning to replace CG during television time. Despite the change of allegiance, one of Ian’s favorite cartoon episodes to watch is George’s adventure to the Rankin’s corn maze in The Amazing Maze Race. Since Ian and I planned to meet his Grandpoppa after church on Sunday to visit a local corn maze, Ian and I re-watched the “Amazing Maze Race” to prepare for our visit to Autumn Acres.

We arrived at Autumn Acres with grand aspirations of tackling all the three of the amazes, but the various activities quickly diverted Ian’s attentiotire-mountainn. He found himself overwhelmed with choices of big slides, little slides, and medium slides. The enormous tire mountain proved worth climbing. The sandbox and corn house demanded quite a bit of time. We spent at least half of our day at the giant inflatable jump mat. We had to take a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. And of course we couldn’t miss shooting the apple cannon. So many diversions to choose from, so we had to settle for the shortest maze. And even that Ian demanded we complete at a rapid pace.

img_20161002_183611536.jpgIn fact, Ian set such a rapid pace that he ran himself right out of gas. He finally told Grandpoppa that he was ready to leave for dinner. It’s a pretty big deal when Ian willingly agrees to leave anything that he enjoys. Ian insisted that he wanted to ride in Grandpoppa’s brand new F350 dually on our way to Cracker Barrel. Once at Cracker Barrel, Ian proceeded to eat an order and a half of fried okra plus a biscuit, then stretched out across his chair and against his Aunt Joy where he quietly (again, very unlike Ian) rested while the adults finished their meals. Ian perked up a bit when we left so he could get some goodbye hugs in with his Grandpoppa.

*Most pix are mine, but a few are stolen (and here is me giving credit) from Aunt Joy and the Autumn Acres website.*

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